Our company offers a wide range of surface treatments for aluminium and its alloys:

Natural anodizing, pretreatment E0

Degreasing and deoxidizing, semi-gloss

Mechanical grinding E1

Surface pretreatment for anodizing

Mechanical brushing E2

Surface pretreatment for anodizing

Mechanical polishing E3

Surface pretreatment for anodizing

Combined pretreatments E4/E5

Brushing & grinding / grinding & polishing

Natural anodizing, pretreatment E6

Etching, satin (matte) anodized finish

Electrochemical polishing E7

No mechanical pretreatments

Black anodizing, pretreatment E0/E6

Soaking in black paint after anodizing

Electrochemical polishing E8

Parts ground and/or polished before anodizing, gloss finish after anodizing

Why choose us?


Our company has been anodizing aluminium and its alloys since 2005.


We can perform processing to the most demanding specifications for both technical and decorative anodizing.


Our company has been involved in testing new technologies and processes since 2012.

About Us in Brief

ACL Anodizing s.r.o. is located in Jablonec nad Nisou and specializes in the surface treatment of aluminium and aluminium alloy products by way of anodizing. Anodic oxidation of aluminium or its alloys creates an aluminium oxide layer with a corundum-type microcrystalline structure on a part’s surface. This very hard, non-conductive, and wear-resistant layer protects the surface of the part from subsequent oxidation.


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